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The application programmer interface (API) provides a web method to lookup a label and find any associated URIs for a given URI type. Mandatory parameters are provided in the web method path and optional parameters in the query string.

Mapping type, label, and format are mandatory parameters. Partial matching and organisation are optional parameters.

The data in the URI should be encoded and is not case-sensitive. For example: for Kensington and Chelsea use Kensington%20and%20Chelsea

The format of the URI is /api/mappingtypes/{mappingtype}/labels/{label}/{format}?partial=true&organisation={organisation}

1. Mapping type

The mapping type is the type of URI the label refers to. The Id or the name can be used.

Id Name URI stub
1 Local authority (ODC) http://opendatacommunities.org/id/
2 Service http://id.esd.org.uk/service/
3 Statistical geography http://statistics.data.gov.uk/id/statistical-geography/
6 Planning classification http://opendatacommunities.org/def/concept/planning/application/
13 Licence entertainment type http://id.esd.org.uk/entertainment/
14 Licence status http://id.esd.org.uk/premisesLicenceStatus/
15 Licence applicant type http://id.esd.org.uk/premisesLicenceApplicant/
16 CIPFA objective category http://opendatacommunities.org/def/concept/finance/sercop/objective/
17 Neighbourhood area type http://id.esd.org.uk/neighbourhood/
18 Neighbourhood area http://id.esd.org.uk/neighbourhood/
19 Local authority (register) https://local-authority-eng.register.gov.uk/record/

2. Label

The text you wish to translate to a URI.

3. Format


4. Partial

Set to true to match partial labels, so lamb would match Lambeth. Set to false or omit to only match whole words.

5. Organisation

The label of the organisation you wish to get the mappings for. Omit to use default (all). Set to official to get official mappings only.

Examples - find the service for public toilets

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